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It might be challenging to find extra time for home duties such as laundry.
Say good-bye to your worries now as you have Laundry Wale,The Best Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services in Goa. Dial :- +91 8237106001

Have you come to Goa for a holiday ? and are you looking for the best
laundry & dry cleaning service in Goa ? Enjoy your trip to the fullest and
leave the worry of getting your dirty clothes washed to us.

You spend your quality time at your place and book your schedule for
pickup via call, what’s up or click the below the button of Book an Appointment.

How it Work ?

Book Order
1. Book Order

Schedule a pickup any day of the week, including Sunday Via Call OR request a message to What’s up.

pickup at doorstep
2. Pickup at Doorstep

Our rider will reach there shortly after placing the order

3. Process

We have state of the art machines which wash and dry your garments.

4. Delivery At Doorstep

We will deliver your washed clothes to your designated place before the promised time

our services

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Laundry Services

We offer affordable rates for steam ironing your loved clothes with No-burn Guarantee.

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Dry Cleaning Service

Drycleaning is similar to standard laundry, except that instead of water and detergent, a liquid solvent is used to clean your clothes.

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Carpet Cleaning

Stains, dirt are removed from carpets during carpet cleaning.Hot water extraction, dry cleaning, and vacuuming are all common ways.

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Steam Iron​

We offer affordable rates for steam ironing your loved clothes with No-burn Guarantee.

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Alterations & Repairs

We have expert seamstresses and tailors on staff to ensure we meet and exceed your fitting requirements.


Shoes Cleaning

We use premium cleaning products and standardised processes to take care of your shoes and give them refreshed look.

best Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services in Goa

Laundry Wale provides home pickup and delivery at a time of your convenience. We also provide the option of express/super express delivery anywhere from the Goa ,where we return your clean clothes within 6 hours or 12 hours as per your order.

Regular Service

In Regular service, we take 28 to 32 hours of delivery processing.

Express Service

Express Service, the order is delivered to you 12 hours.

Super Express Service

In Super Express Service, the order is delivered to you only within 6 hours.

Commercial Laundry Service

Large corporations have determined that there is a financial benefit to outsourcing back office work because it saves money. Allowing us to do your laundry is cost effective and will allow you and your employees to focus on your core business. We offer smart solutions to meet your commercial laundry needs. Our Commercial Laundry Clients include:

  • Salons & Spas
  • Restaurants and Caterers
  • Religious Organizations
  • Daycare centers
  • Assisted Living / Nursing Homes
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Nail Salons
  • Athletic Facilities / Gyms

Our Happy Clients!

“I used Laundry Wale for the first time yesterday after reading some of the reviews. I have to say that I was highly satisfied with their services.”


Music Artist

“You never expect such wonderful results from laundry services, but it was a great surprise to receive the cleanest and softest clothing ever!”​

Abhishek Singh

House Keep Manger

I did my pick up through the website. I took the service of their express service. I got my clothes in 6 I am in my destination.

Stella Alba

CEO, Acme Industries

Frequently Asked Questions.

You can schedule your pick up via call or click here & rider will come at your doorstep for pickup in next an hour.

We take 28-32 Hours for laundry and 72 hours for dry cleaning. We also provide the option of express/fast/urgent delivery where the order is delivered 6 hour or 12 hour, as per your need.

Our processes are compliant with the World Health Organization (WHO) & USA’s Centre for Disease Control
(CDC) hygiene guidelines for laundry. To know more, visit

Some dark-colored garments have a tendency to bleed colour, and white garments are the most sensitive to this bled colour adhering to them. As a result, we advise against leaving expensive white clothes in the laundry.
It is always a better and safer option to dry clean expensive clothing.

You can always call at our call centre number or write us at We will be more than happy to hear from you.



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